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Bolts Update…

Well it was only a matter of time! The itch has struck and Paul Bolton is back out on two wheels, complete with “waterproofed” leg! 

This is what recovery looks like on an Xduro

The leg in question!

Spot the Nduro

Great to see you back on it Bolts!

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Xduro Urban wins T3 Grouptest

T3 Magazine sought out 3 of the best city-ready ebikes available, and lined up the Haibike Xduro Urban in their group test: Check out the full write up here

Coming out as the eventual winner here’s what they had to say: “The Haibike offers a perfect blend of power and battery life, with optimum gearing to suit. It also looks great and is fantastic to ride”

“Once you’ve ridden the Haibike, you’ll never want a normal bike again”

“The German manufacturer’s expertise in this area shows”

The Urban is a long standing favourite of ours too! Just like it’s name suggests, it’s the perfect Urban machine!

Bolts is on board!

Paul Bolton, or Bolts as he’s known amongst Moto circles has been touring the global SuperEnduro & Extreme Enduro scene for a few years now. Not shy of the big events; RedBull Romaniacs, Erzberg Harescramble (7th place this year) Paul knows a thing or two about handling bikes of all shapes and sizes, not to mention power!



Bolts after his 7th place finish at the RedBull Harescramble, Erzberg


When Paul approached us at the Erzberg Rodeo to take a spin aboard one of our eMTB’s it was purely curiosity on his part. Being a two wheel fanatic he quickly took to it and began wondering about the potential of ebikes.

Skip a couple months across the summer and this happened…



… a severe MX landing led to a 90% break of the Achilles tendon and put Paul on his back. He’s not one to sit still though, so got to plotting his next moves; a few email exchanges later and we were on the road to Lancashire to hook Paul up with our legendary Nduro Pro model.


No stranger to injury Paul is used to the rehabilitation process, and we agreed having the Xduro in the stable is really going to help with his approach to fitness and a hopefully short road to recovery.

MX Ebike Paul.JPG

Proper Man Cave!



MX ebike Paul 2.JPG



Ever the planner of adventures, Paul’s eager to get going on the Nduro, and we can’t wait to see what he’ll get up to. (We hear he’s already had a sneaky go before fully ready!) Cheers for the proper cup of tea Paul!

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Pauls MX Race career highlights to-date:
2016 – 1st Erzberg Prologue Day 1, Austria
2016 – 3rd Red Bull Minas Riders, Brazil
2016 – 3rd The Tough One, UK
2016 – 3rd British Xtreme Enduro Rd 2, UK
2015 – 1st Ukupacha, Ecuador
2015 – 2nd Extreme European Rd, UK
2014 – 1st Red Bull Romaniacs Off-road Day 4, Romania
2014 – 1st Red Bull Romaniacs Prologue, Romania
2014 – 1st EnduroX Cup, Germany
2014 – 2nd Ukupacha, Ecuador
2013 – 1st E1 class British Enduro Championship Day 1, Scotland
2012 – 2nd Piatra Neamt Hard Enduro, Romania
2012 – 2nd Red Bull City Scramble, Auckland NZ
2012 – 3rd Red Bull Sea2sky, Turkey
2008 – 3rd Erzberg, Austria
2008 – 3rd Hell’s Gate, Italy
2009 – 1st Red Bull Romaniacs, Romania Day 2, Romania
2008 – 1st Red Bull Romaniacs Prologue, Romania
2007 – 1st Red Bull Romaniacs Prologue, Romania

David Knight gets a taste of eMTB

You read that right.

David Knight (MBE no less! Well deserved as 3 times World Enduro Champion) or ‘Knighter’ as he’s known to his legions of fans, dropped by at Haibike UK to pick up an Xduro Nduro Pro recently.

What do you do when a legend asks to try one of your bikes…

We had to get him on it straight away, so dropped it in Turbo and headed on up to our on-site test track to see what he made of it.

David Knight-11.jpg

As we’ve come to expect, David was grinning within seconds, feeling at home aboard the XL sized Nduro. OK, we know it’s not the speed and power he’s used to, but as a mountain biker exploring his native Isle of Man he could immediately see the potential. Further, faster and more fun.david-knight-19



If anyone is going to push the limits of electric bikes it’s got to be David, we can’t wait to see what he gets up to!

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The Ebike Cycle Tourists

Over the past 15 months the husband and wife team of Australians Gary and Rachel Corbett – better known within the e-bike industry as the E-Bike Cycle Tourists – have cycled their Haibike xDuro Trekking e-bikes more than 27,000 kilometres through 14 countries throughout mainland Europe, the UK and Ireland.

During their amazing e-bike journey the E-Bike Cycle Tourists not only set a new world e-bike long distance record, but showed conclusively why e-bikes are the perfect new-age form of transport for anyone of any age to explore the world.

Xduro DWNHLL Video Link

A lot of people ask us what’s the point of an electric DH bike. Well, regular DH bikes go fast in one direction – down. The Xduro DWNHLL enables you to ride a 200mm travel equipped rig up (yes UP!) the trails that would leave you pushing. No lift? No problem!

So, the fastest EMTB going down the hill, and the equal of any other “regular travel” EMTB going up the hill! 

Remember the Utah edit Guido Tschugg dropped a few months back? Here’s a special extended version for your viewing pleasure: Utah Xduro DWNHLL

Have a great weekend!

Haibike 2017 Preview – We Are ePerformance

It’s that time of year again when we visit the home of Haibike; Schweinfurt – Germany.

As is now tradition, Haibike give their dealers an early look at “The Next Big Thing” 2015 was the year of the Yamaha equipped Sduro, whilst 2016 saw the launch of the Xduro3 making use of the Bosch CX system in such game changing bikes as the DWNHLL PRO and Nduro series of long travel bikes.

Never ones to rest on their laurels Haibike have gone to work to make the 2017 range the best equipped and capable machines on the market. 



  • Sduro Geometry, you asked and Haibike listened, longer slacker and more aggressive!

-Ingo & Christian, the core Haibike designers

-Ingo & Christian, the core Haibike designers

  • New Sduro ‘Evo’ models feature a brand new YAMAHA PW-X motor – smaller, smoother AND more powerful, ‘extra power’ reaches a huge 320% assistance!

  • New gravity cast interface

  • Sduro YAMAHA 500wh battery – meaning a significant range increase
  • Sduro eConnect features GPS Tracking, theft tracking based on movement within set zones & Crash detection to automatically make emergency contact on your behalf.

  • 3 Sduro Nduro 180mm model range
  • Integrated Stem display for Yamaha system


  • Xduro DWNHLL now comes in two spec variants, 8.0 & 9.0 meaning 200mm of DH stomping action just got more affordable

  • Bosch Purion controllers. Minimal and perfectly suited to our more extreme eMtbs

Further Updates:

Wheel size options

  • More 27plus wheel options across the range, including a trekking – for tough robust long distance use
  • 29plus! Huge grip and rolling capability to conquer those trails.

More to follow!…