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The Ebike Cycle Tourists

Over the past 15 months the husband and wife team of Australians Gary and Rachel Corbett – better known within the e-bike industry as the E-Bike Cycle Tourists – have cycled their Haibike xDuro Trekking e-bikes more than 27,000 kilometres through 14 countries throughout mainland Europe, the UK and Ireland.

During their amazing e-bike journey the E-Bike Cycle Tourists not only set a new world e-bike long distance record, but showed conclusively why e-bikes are the perfect new-age form of transport for anyone of any age to explore the world.


Xduro DWNHLL Video Link

A lot of people ask us what’s the point of an electric DH bike. Well, regular DH bikes go fast in one direction – down. The Xduro DWNHLL enables you to ride a 200mm travel equipped rig up (yes UP!) the trails that would leave you pushing. No lift? No problem!

So, the fastest EMTB going down the hill, and the equal of any other “regular travel” EMTB going up the hill! 

Remember the Utah edit Guido Tschugg dropped a few months back? Here’s a special extended version for your viewing pleasure: Utah Xduro DWNHLL

Have a great weekend!