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Say hi to Haibike at the NEC Cycle Show

Haibike on display at stand D29 and on the mountain bike demo track at NEC Cycle Show (25-28 Sept, 2015).


If you’re sceptical about electric bikes, especially electric mountain biking then Haibike’s range of performance electric bikes will blow your cycling world right open at this year’s NEC Cycle Show.


First displayed at this year’s Eurobike, Haibike once again stay ahead of the curve with the Sduro range of 7 MTB and Trekking bikes, all powered by a high-performance Yamaha motor delivering 70 Nm of hill climbiing torque, zero cadence support that starts on the first crank movement and 400wh of battery capacity to keep you on the trails for longer.


Haibike UK Product Manager Rich Dobney: “On the steepest of climbs the  power is an absolute joy, leveling the playing field between riders of all fitness or age levels, or giving the younger set an adrenaline rush on every inch of the trail.

“Nobody truly understands the scope or potential for this new breed of mountain bike until they jump on and go further than they’ve ever been before, it’s a unique experience in the cycling world”

The SDURO AllMtn RX is one of the highlights of the 2015 collection. It’s the first e-bike that uses the sensor technology from the Yamaha drive unit and the power from the Yamaha battery for electronic suspension control via the ground breaking e:i system.


Keep an eye out for the SDURO HardSeven SL and the SDURO Full Nine RX alongside the Bosch equipped Xduro lineup at stand D29.

You’ll also find Haibike on the mountain bike demo track from Thursday 25th September to Sunday 28th September 2015.