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Discover the South Downs with a Haibike electric mountain bike

This month Cyclelife Shoreham are offering customers the chance to experience the thrill of electrically-assisted mountain biking in one of the most beautiful areas of the country.

ImageCyclelife Shoreham has a fleet of Haibike’s award winning electric mountain bikes available for customers to explore the South Downs Way. These high performance off-road bikes will allow visitors an eco-friendly way to explore the South Downs Way, the UK’s newest National Park.

Store owner Richard Dowdeswell said: “The scheme has proven very popular from day one and we have had people from as far as Bexhill-on-Sea, Bournemouth and Luton visit the store to explore the National Park on the latest electric mountain bikes.”

Cyclelife Shoreham have a fleet of the Haibike SL29er mountain bikes which have a maximum battery-assisted range of 90 miles on economy mode or 30 miles on ‘turbo’ setting.

SDNP_logo200114To hire an electric mountain bike for up to 6 hours costs £48.50, which is part funded by the South Downs National Park Sustainable Transport Fund.

For further information on the bikes visit Cyclelife Shoreham’s online webstore

For more information on hiring a Haibike e-MTB or to buy one please contact Richard at Cyclelife Shoreham on tel. 01273 596368



Gillian heads to the 2nd round of the Scottish XC series at Cathkin Braes

Scottish XC round 2 at Cathkin Braes, the Commonwealth Games course,
doesn’t get much better than this!
 I spent a reasonable amount of time on the course last year preparing for the National Champs and I was looking forward to being back. The course was pretty much the same as before but with a few more puddles and looser rocks.  Excellent course with a bit of everything, hills, techy sections, dual slalom and a water splash.

Wee bike treated to some new tyres and back to tubeless by the ever so helpful staff at Leslie Bike Shop, we were both ready.

I entered the race hoping for a good result again but with it being the Commonwealth course I expected a few different opponents to appear, and they did. (all the way from Ireland)

11am and the gun went off, I got a decent start as aimed for to be near the front of the pack for the first drop off and into the single track section. I sat 2nd place from the first corner where I stayed for the rest of the race. After the first lap I settled into the race aiming to try and close the gap to first place but also make sure I kept a good distance from 3rd place.  I felt strong on the hills and the 29er wheels were ideal for the long rocky sections on parts of the course. Super smooth and fast flowing as always.  I have moved up to 4 laps from 3 this year and this is great, more time out on the course and it is such a pleasure to ride the ‘Greed’ I just love it. I had in my sights at the time the leader of the race but I wasn’t able to shorten the gap and finished in 2nd place. I thoroughly enjoyed the race, SXC put on a brilliant event once again.

Another very successful day for Team Leslie Bike Shop/Bikers Boutique with 3 wins in the morning race & my 2nd place. In the afternoon 1st & 3rd Vets with the rest of the guys all in top 10 finishes. Very proud to be part of it. We are currently the top team in Scotland.
Have a great weekend

Gillian Pratt takes on her second Enduro race at Innerleithen

Another week and another race, this time it was Enduro time. Started the season in Fort William which was my first Enduro race and after a great weekend I looked forward to the next challenge of Innerleithen.
The week leading up to the event the horror stories started filling up Facebook and Twitter and I began to get a bit nervous about what was to come. Innerleithen was the orginal downhill track and I will be honest it scared me a bit! I am, after all, an XC racer who decided Enduro would be good fun and a good test of my techy skills, and I do like a challenge. 
Saturday I practised with my Leslie Bike Shop/Bikers Boutique team mate Jamie Todd and my other Enduro mates Lee & Campbell. A lot of climbing and descending later we had completed the 5 stages but with shaking hands after stage 3 and then after stage 4 which was even more steep I was unsure if I could actually do this. It was by far the most technical riding I had ever done, more so because it was so steep and stage 4 the steepness just felt like it went on forever! 
After some pep talks from my Enduro buds and numerous ‘Good Lucks’ on Facebook the race began at 11.02 on Sunday morning.
Stage 1 was right at the top of Minch Moor 560m up and extremely windy and rainy after waiting in a small queue we were off and fast flowing trail with the wind behind you until the first turn and it was a fight to keep moving, testing the fitness out a bit. Trail centre style riding which made for a fast one rock drop offs and jumps. Smiles all round at the end.
Stage 2 after a long push up through churned up ground began with a nice muddy slog into some very natural trail plenty roots, mud and twisty sections. Off up a nice fitness testing fire road again into the next section which was more rocky and twisty again, quite steep at bits and a wee photographer awaiting to catch you out at a bit but I remembered from practise what line to take. Next climb up to stage 3.
At this point I began to feel a bit drained, cold and nervous for the next 3 stages as they were the trickiest.
Stage 3 started off down a very steep chute with rocks and trees, roots and drops with a 3 choice line  ( which I hadn’t managed to ride on the Saturday) but with every faith in my Heet I chose wisely and crossed over the fire road and on the next steep section gripping on my forearms were throbbing but I did it and flew up the fire road to the end of the section to cheers from my mates. 
The mood had lifted a bit and we plodded up to stage 4 (the one I hated the most). Started off pretty good and lead me into false pretences on the Saturday so Sunday I wasn’t fooled. I tried to make up a bit of time on the first section preparing for the next which I was unsure if I could ride most of it. I surprised myself by doing almost it all, I slid off at 1 point and hopped back on and even passed a couple of guys, missed being on the bike for the exit so jumped down and flew along the fire track to the finish. I had done it! I was so pleased with myself.
Stage 5 was a mud fest with so much mud stuck to the bike the wheels struggled to turn. Onto the uphill bit fire road mud flying everywhere I dropped down into the final descent puffed out but just enough energy to smile at my friend Jo who was marshalling and whoosh I went down the Caddon Bank DH trail, hands aching and forearms throbbing my big green machine Haibike Heet and I dibbed for the last time.
We were all smiling and I was so happy I had completed the 5 stages. My bike was awesome, it really was. I can’t fault it in anyway, handled everything brilliantly. Did not let me down at all. I really do have complete faith in it. It is quite amazing what a beating it takes and we were both in one piece at the end.
For all my dread and worry I had, looking back now I absolutely loved the whole day and experience and the achievement. I never thought was possible to ride some of the trails I came upon on Saturday/Sunday but I rode it and proved to myself I can do it, all with a little help from my Green Machine. 
I am so happy to be flying the  Leslie Bike Shop/Bikers Boutique/Haibike flag at the Scottish Enduro Series. I finished 9th out of 19 senior girls taking part and I was very happy with my result.
I will miss the next couple of Enduro races as they clash with XC races but I will be back for round 5 at Innerleithen.
Thanks for your support.

Haibike Challenge RC road bike in Cycling Plus bike of the year test

We were thrilled to open the pages of one of our favourite cycling mags and see our beautiful cherry red Haibike Challenge RC staring proudly back at us. The endurance-focused Haibike RC was ranked among the top 50 road bikes of the year in this year’s Cycling Plus test.


The in-depth review praises the handling and the lightweight frame of the Challenge RC, which is fantastic value for money at £1800. Cycling Plus say:

“The Challenge is a smooth, perfectly functioning sportive bike. The handling has just enough of a mix of stability and speed – it’s light enough for most climbers and snappy enough for those who like to push the limits whilst descending. So that really makes it a decent option, at good money an all-round bike.” 

“As an all-round sportive ready bike the Challenge will suit most people’s needs”

Read the full review here or head over to our website for a closer look at the specification.

You’ll find Haibike distributed by a number of top cycle dealers around the UK. Find your nearest here.

Kerfoot-Robson wins Round 1 of the British Mountain Bike Series

This season Dylan Kerfoot-Robson is racing on the Haibike Greed Team 29er. Here he reports from a very successful Round 1 of the British Mountain Bike Series (BMBS)

“Last Sunday was the first round of the British Mountain Bike Series and for me it was my first MTB race of the season, so there was a mix of excitement and nerves, because you never know how the other guys will go come the first race of the season. The previous weekend I had been on a camp with the other members of ODP (Olympic Development Programme) so I knew roughly what to expect from them, which was a tough and closely fought race, but there were guys that weren’t on that camp so I had no idea what to expect from them.


“After practice on Saturday it was clear that it was going to be a fast closely fought race as the nature of the course meant that there were no places to really split everyone up. It was all pretty flat, fast and flowing which made it easier to follow a wheel than to ride off the front by yourself. There was a BMX track incorporated into the course and a few tight and twisty sections through some woodland but other than that it was wide open grassy fields.

“My race was 1pm on Sunday so it was a bit of change from the Cyclo Cross season as you could have a good lie in on race morning because you didn’t have to practice the course the day of the race. All you need to do is turn up and then start warming up. I actually rode across to the race from where I was staying the night before which meant I could get in a bit of spin in the morning and it also meant I didn’t have to get up at a silly time to get across to the course for my brother to race at 9 o’clock. I arrived at the course about 11am so plenty of time before my race, but not too long that I would just be sitting around. Around about 12:30 I started my warm up, not that I need to get warmer as it was touching 20 degrees, which is another pleasant difference from the Cyclo Cross season. We were called up to grid just before 10 to, there was a little hiccup as the experts were gridded in front of us to start off with but when the commissaire notice he quickly slotted us juniors in behind the elites. I was gridded first due to my performances last year so I got first choice of line on the grid, not that it made a huge amount of difference as it was a bumpy grassy field to start off.


“When the gun went I didn’t quite get the best start possible but that my have been a blessing in disguise as it meant I didn’t have to lead everyone into the first climb ready for them to come around me. It was the other way around really I was in about 3rd or 4th wheel and then going up the first climb I kicked a little bit and moved myself up the pack and got into 2nd wheel. Although I knew I was in a perfect position as the guy that led it out does the same every race and after a good start he always blows and heads back pretty quickly. I was comfortable sitting on his wheel then coming into the first very short bit of single track I had 2 guys come round me on both sides, these 2 were the 2 I ended up riding most of the race with. Us 3 soon established a little group and started pushing on between us and constantly swapping the lead over the next few laps. It was quite difficult at times as we all knew each other very well and knew each other’s strengths and weaknesses, so it was quite tactical at times the way we each knew we had to either lead into certain sections or to sit on one of the other guys wheel’s.

“Over the next few laps we rode well together with a few little digs not really resulting in anything. The at the end of the 3rd lap I put in an attack on the BMX track and got a gap on the other 2 but I didn’t quite have enough to squeeze for long enough to break the ‘elastic’ so after about a minute by myself the other 2 caught up with me again. By this time we were down to 1 lap to go. Right after the finish line was probably the hardest climb of the whole course so I attacked again from about half way up the climb and I kept squeezing across he transition into the first decent and got a gap again on the other 2. At this point I was committed to my effort and I tried to just keep it going. Although after a couple of minutes Mark had come across the gap and was again on my wheel I don’t know when he got on because I only knew he was there when one of the BC coaches shouted “Come on Dylan! Come on Maguire” I just thought “ahhhhh crap!” because I thought I was away but Mark was sitting on my wheel. I had managed to drop one guy though but I would have preferred to have just been by myself but as soon as I noticed he was there I eased up as I didn’t want to just tow him round for a whole lap to have him pip me in the sprint. I stayed on the front but eased right up and then coming into the final few hundred meters of the course it became a track sprint. We knew we were both good at sprinting and I didn’t want to just lead him out so I slowed it right down. Then as we came around the corner into the event village I kicked really hard with only about 200 meters to go. Mark started to come around me about half way up the finish straight, I saw him gaining on me under my left arm, so I kicked again and really emptied the tanks and managed to cross the line about half a bikes length in front of him. I didn’t want to leave it to a sprint, especially with Mark as I knew he was pretty handy, but thankfully I managed to just get the win.

Image“As soon as I crossed the line my nerves were put to bed and I was just excited that I had managed to win my first MTB race of the season, the first BMBS of the season and my first race on my Haibike Greed Team 29. So all in all it was a good weekend and showed me a few things I need to go away and work on but nothing major thankfully. Which is a good boost to my confidence looking forward to the next round and further on into season.

“The bike was spot on and was amazing to race on, it was very light and nibble but also strong and stiff which was very handy in the sprint as every watt of power coming out of my legs was being put down onto the ground through the back wheel. Thanks a lot to both Haibike and Raleigh for having the belief in me to be able to give me a bike to pilot to victory, I hope there are many more to come and look forward to my next race.”