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“Game changer of 2014” – Enduro mag review the Haibike Xduro Nduro Pro

Enduro Mountain Bike Mag reviewed our new Haibike Xduro Nduro Pro electric mountain bike and said it’s the “game changer of 2014 for the entire bike industry!”


“No bike has blown our minds as much as this one – developmentally and technologically it is the avant-garde of the current e-mountain bikes, opening up possibilities for new as well as old target groups!” Read the full review here.

Check out the Enduro review video here:

The Xduro Nduro Pro electric mountain bike is available from Haibike stockists in the UK. Find yours here.


Gillian Pratt wins first SXC race of the season

Haibike rider Gillian Pratt is using the Haibike Greed MTB in cross country races this season. Here she reports from the first SXC race, held in Forfar over 22/23 March 2014.

“First round took us to Forfar where last year was a cold, wet, muddy slog so everyone was hoping for a bit better weather and we got our wish. The day was perfect which meant happy racers and dad and it also meant a nice dry fast race course. Hasn’t ever been one of my favourite courses but on Sunday I loved it.
“My first race up into Expert/Elite category but with a few top names missing off the start line it could be anyone’s race as I hadn’t raced any of the girls before. But my expectations were short lived when BOOM I caught the dreaded lurgie (the first time of the winter) I was feeling better on Saturday but still had a very bad cough.  The race went on!
“Not only was it my first race on my new Haibike Greed but also first race donning my  new team kit which was super comfy and looked amazing. 
“The course suited me with a lot of nice fast flowing technical sections and the bike handled brilliantly, its so fast just keeps on going cruising over the tricky bits. It is very fast rolling and light for uphill sections and on the flat. I thoroughly enjoyed racing Forfar for the first time EVER mostly due to this fantastic bike.
“I lead the race practically from the start and held my position right until the end, I kept thinking the 2nd place girl would catch me but never did, even with a soft back tyre. I couldn’t believe I had won my first Elite/Expert race.
“It was a very successful day for Team Leslie Bike Shop/Bikers Boutique taking 3 wins in the morning and 1 win and 2 second places in the afternoon.
“Round 2 Cathkin Braes in April here we come.”

Introducing Ross Marriott

Ross MarriotName:

Ross Marriott


Naked Bikes




Midlands XC round 1, 9th

Midlands XC round 2, 7th

Midlands XC round 3, 7th

Midlands XC marathon  4th

Midlands XC XCE 1st

National XC round 3, 39th

National XC round 5, 32nd

FNSS round 2, 3rd

FNSS round 3, 1st

FNSS round 4, 2nd

FNSS round 5, 2nd

FNSS round 6, 2nd

FNSS round 7, 1st

FNSS round 8, 2nd

FNSS round 9, 1st

FNSS round 10, 2nd

FNSS round 11, 2nd

FNSS round 12, 2nd

FNSS round 13, 2nd


I plan on focusing on mountain bike riding this season, doing a full National and Midlands series, along with the National Champs. I am hoping for a National Top 20 result overall in the series on my mountain bike and to finish top 5 in the Midlands Series. I will ride most of the FNSS rounds and I’m going to base my target on how I do in the first round because I don’t know what the competition will be like. On the road I am going to try my first road National this season as an experimental race and I plan to race all of the Mallory Park rounds and most of the rounds at Darley Moor. My two biggest races for the season will be the National XC championships at Hopton Woods and the Isle of Man End to End race that I am doing with some of the team. These will be my first National Championships and my first race overseas (although not that far!). My goal in the National Champs is try to finish in the Top 20 and in the Isle of Man race I will aim to stay with my teammate Nick Towers because we will start together and I have no experience of how to pace myself racing over that distance and I know that Nick did well last year!


I’m really proud to be racing for Naked Bikes/ Haibike/ Impsport RT! The team is a great bunch of people and there is really quick riders that I can go to for advice on my training and race tactics. And I really love my bike! We are being looked after really well in terms of bike and kit, I have been checking my bike over in the shop before races and its been really helpful going to a race knowing that my bike isn’t going to let me down and I can focus 100% on my own performance.


Ross is racing on the Haibike Greed in 2014

Introducing Richard Edge

Rich EdgeName:

Richard Edge


Naked Bikes




3rd Vet – Bontrager 24/12 (12 hour) 2013

3rd Vet Pairs – Erlestoke 12 2013

8th Vet – Exposure European 12/24hr Hour Championships 2013


Beskidy MTB Stage Race – Poland

Regional XC events

NDCXL Cyclocross and CX National Trophies (I might race National Championships too, but we’ll see!)


We’re not a big-money, big-ego team, but a group of regular guys who love to race hard and have fun. I love the fact that the team covers so many types of racing.


Rich is racing on the Haibike Greed in 2014

Introducing Paul Daniels

Paul DanielsName:

Paul Daniels


Naked Bikes




2013 season consisted of National Points Series (NPS) Sherwood,  NPS Hadleigh Farm,  Midlands XC  3 Rounds, FNSS 17th overall for series nine rounds raced, Isle of Man End to End 328 overall, Viking Challange 55k – 2 hour 34 mins


Midland XC  FNSS all rounds. Mountain Mayhem. Isle of Man End to End  and any other 6-12 hour races that I can attend


I could not be happier with the team I have for 2014. Although I do not class myself as an official team rider [Ed: Paul is the team manager] I race because I love racing, I enjoy pushing myself and it makes it even more enjoyable being around such a great bunch of riders. Where the team race I try and race myself, the whole team is built around a great bunch of riders, who all have their own strengths and who are all willing to help, and give advice to anyone who may need it and I couldn’t ask for anything better than that to promote the team and Naked Bikes shop.


Paul is racing on the Haibike Greed in 2014

Introducing Nick Towers

Nick TowersName:

Nick Towers


Naked Bikes





Gorrick Spring Series Crowthorne 9th/59

Midlands XC Cannock 16th/69

BMBS Sherwood Pines 50th/110

Midlands XC Birchall 16th/58

Wiggle 6 Catton Park 4th/78

FNSS XC Burrough – 1 7th

FNSS XC Avalanche – 2 4th

Midlands XC Wyre Forest 21st/60

Erlestoke 12 (pairs)

Erlestoke 3rd

FNSS XC Trek MK Bowl – 3 1st

Mountain Mayhem Gatcombe Park 2nd

FNSS XC MK Bowl 1st

FNSS XC Rockingham Sp’dway – 5 2nd

FNSS XC Burrough – 6 3rd

FNSS XC MK Bowl – 7 2nd

FNSS XC Delapre – 8 6th

MTB Marathon Series Abergavenny 9th

FNSS XC Bulwick – 9 5th (2nd in race series)

Cristalp Grand Raid Verbier, Sui 160th/274

Manx End2End IOM 10th vet/70th/1700 overall

Margam Madness 8hr Margam Park, Wales 2nd Vet

D2D Thetford Forest 2nd Mens Team 3

Oktoberfest Ashton Court, Bristol 2nd Mens pair single speed

Thetford Winter Series Thetford Forest 7th Mens 4hr vet

Thetford Winter Series Thetford Forest 7th Mens 4hr vet

Thetford Winter Series Thetford Forest 6th mens 4hr vet


Whinlatter Challenge – Top 5-10 Vet

Margam Madness 8hr – Top 5 Vet

UK Marathon Champs – Top 10 Vet

Erlestoke 12 6hr solo – Podium finish

Mountain Mayhem – Mens 4 – Podium finish

Salzkammergut Trophy/European Marathon Master Champs – Top 50% of Vet field

Bontrager 24/12 – 12hr solo – Top 5

Brighton Big Dog – 6hr solo – Top 5

Manx End2End – 75km – Top 10 vet finish,

Top 50 overall Friday Summer Series – XC – Series podium finish


I joined the team at the start of the 2013 season with a full race calendar to focus on.  Paul promised good support from the shop and a positive race team vibe. He was absolutely right! Bearing in mind I am a Veteran, amateur racer I couldn’t have wished for better support from Paul, his shop and our sponsors.  Putting on the team kit and getting on the team bike provides that extra notch of drive whether it be training or racing.  I couple this with a bespoke training plan developed with an ex-National XC Champion. Using these key elements I know that, irrelevant of the quality of the opposition I am able deliver the best I can.  Provided I apply that on the day and be a positive ambassador for the team and sponsors I am achieving my goals!


Nick is racing on the Haibike Greed in 2014

Introducing Nick Popham

Nick PophamName:

Nick Popham


Naked Bikes










Nick is racing on the Haibike Greed in 2014