Haibike demo session in Surrey with Cycling Made Easy

Beginner cyclists and experienced riders from Surrey cycling websites Muddy Moles , Love To Ride and Single Track School recently got the chance to test ride our Haibike electric bikes thanks to Haibike stockist, Cycling Made Easy in Coulsdon, Surrey.

Ginny was one of those attending the session. She commented “The full sus Haibike was great fun. The bike seriously motored. I had a bit of fun over taking a couple of lads on their mountain bikes and motoring up the hill. Anyone who is unfit or struggling to keep up with other riders will benefit from one of these. It’s great for boosting confidence for beginners or those wishing to get fitter.”

Jo added: “I am so chuffed that I got to try out an electric bike this morning …I love the fact that it can make cycling and mountain biking more accessible to more people… it’s impossible to do it without a smile on your face …..so much fun – highly recommended to anyone who loves enjoying the countryside on two wheels … now there will never be an excuse not to get out and ride!”

After the demo session Neil from Cycling Made Easy told Muddy Moles how Haibike’s revolutionary bike technology works:

About the Motor

haibike-eq-Xduro-29-fs-slEach of the bikes uses the Bosch crank drive system. Rather than the motor being mounted directly in the hub like many other e-bikes the crank drive turns the chain wheel and provides plenty of torque.

The motor supplies assistance as soon as you pedal, amplifying, rather than replacing, your own power. Like all electric bike motors in the UK, speed is capped at 15.5mph (25km/h) so that the bike maintains its legal status as a bicycle. Of course, the bike can go faster than that – the motor simply cuts out at 15.5mph so you can sail downhill as fast as you please. Power output is also capped to a maximum of 250w.

This system charges in a record time of 2.5 hours, and has an integrated battery locking system. The motor is under the bottom bracket for an optimal centre of gravity, and provides more torque and range than a hub drive bike by using the bikes gears.

The position of the motor and the battery is in the middle of the frame. This maintains the bikes low centre of gravity so it should be easier to control as you adapt to the different feel of an electric bike.

Photo 30-06-2013 14 12 02

The Bosch motor is impressively quiet so you won’t disturb the peace and quiet of your cross-country ride.

The Haibike eQ Xduro 29 RC and FS SL – true trail bikes

This bike is well suited to long distances over challenging terrain and was the bike of choice when the Cycling Made Easy team took on the BHF London-to-Paris 300km off-road challenge this summer.

Anyone worried about how an electric mountain bike looks should be pleasantly surprised with the eQ Xduro. It’s colourful and compact and the manufacturer has been careful to avoid compromising the bike’s shape.

The motor is inverted and nestles between the down and seat tubes so that the bike keeps the same outline as a conventional bike rather than having its motor hanging underneath. For strength, the crossbar leads almost directly to the rear wheel axle and its deep headstock angle, to push the front wheel forward, gives extra stability and control.

Just like the mountain bike you may already use, the Xduro takes 29′er tyres – the largest outer diameter wheel size available – so bumps are minimised.

Haibike also do a full-suspension version of the Xduro but with a 26″ wheel, which the Muddymoles also tried out on the demo ride. The rear suspension unit is a Fox Float CTD BV LV 110mm so if you’re looking for comfort, this is the bike to go for.

Haibike e-bikes retail between £2500 and £6000.


About haibikeuk

We are ePerformance. Developed with German engineering and design.

2 responses to “Haibike demo session in Surrey with Cycling Made Easy”

  1. Neil Ridulfa says :

    Hi, Neil from Cycling Made Easy here.

    One of the ladies from the demo-ride in this article has told how her Haibike has changed her life to ‘Essential Surrey Magazine’.

    Check it out: essentialsurrey.co.uk/news/nicky-blumfields-story/

    • haibikeuk says :

      Hi Neil! Sorry, just noticed this message! Re-posted to the Facebook page, in all it’s glory.
      We love these stories! So many people getting back on a bike is a wonderful thing.

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