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London’s Met police could soon be riding Haibike Xduro ebikes

London’s beat bobbies could be riding Haibike Xduro e-mountain bikes around the capital as after the powerful all-terrain bikes caught the attention of London Mayor Boris Johnson.

Our Bosch motor powered Xduro  bikes have apparently caught the mayor’s eye because of their power and versality.

The Bosch motor powered EQ XDURO RC 29ER.

The Bosch motor powered EQ XDURO RC 29ER.

According to the Daily Telegraph’s story,  in a document outlining the mayor’s vision for cycling in the capital, the mayor’s office said it was seeking funding for “a trial of the latest all-terrain, full-suspension electric mountain bikes with the Metropolitan Police.”

It continued: “These bikes go over rough ground faster than a normal bike goes over tarmac, and also climb stairs. With criminals increasingly using (ordinary) bikes, e-bikes will keep the police one step ahead.”

We doubt anyone who’s watched the video of an Xduro being ridden UP a gigantic ski slope would find those conclusions far fetched!

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