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A lot of people ask us what’s the point of an electric DH bike. Well, regular DH bikes go fast in one direction – down. The Xduro DWNHLL enables you to ride a 200mm travel equipped rig up (yes UP!) the trails that would leave you pushing. No lift? No problem!

So, the fastest EMTB going down the hill, and the equal of any other “regular travel” EMTB going up the hill! 

Remember the Utah edit Guido Tschugg dropped a few months back? Here’s a special extended version for your viewing pleasure: Utah Xduro DWNHLL

Have a great weekend!

Haibike 2017 Preview – We Are ePerformance

It’s that time of year again when we visit the home of Haibike; Schweinfurt – Germany.

As is now tradition, Haibike give their dealers an early look at “The Next Big Thing” 2015 was the year of the Yamaha equipped Sduro, whilst 2016 saw the launch of the Xduro3 making use of the Bosch CX system in such game changing bikes as the DWNHLL PRO and Nduro series of long travel bikes.

Never ones to rest on their laurels Haibike have gone to work to make the 2017 range the best equipped and capable machines on the market. 



  • Sduro Geometry, you asked and Haibike listened, longer slacker and more aggressive!

-Ingo & Christian, the core Haibike designers

-Ingo & Christian, the core Haibike designers

  • New Sduro ‘Evo’ models feature a brand new YAMAHA PW-X motor – smaller, smoother AND more powerful, ‘extra power’ reaches a huge 320% assistance!

  • New gravity cast interface

  • Sduro YAMAHA 500wh battery – meaning a significant range increase
  • Sduro eConnect features GPS Tracking, theft tracking based on movement within set zones & Crash detection to automatically make emergency contact on your behalf.

  • 3 Sduro Nduro 180mm model range
  • Integrated Stem display for Yamaha system


  • Xduro DWNHLL now comes in two spec variants, 8.0 & 9.0 meaning 200mm of DH stomping action just got more affordable

  • Bosch Purion controllers. Minimal and perfectly suited to our more extreme eMtbs

Further Updates:

Wheel size options

  • More 27plus wheel options across the range, including a trekking – for tough robust long distance use
  • 29plus! Huge grip and rolling capability to conquer those trails.

More to follow!…

Win a 2017 Haibike EMTB

That’s right, it’s your chance to win a bike that’s not even been released yet!

The brand new Sduro ALLMTN 8.0

The good folks at E-Mountainbike Mag are running their annual survey to find out what’s what in the world of electric mountain biking. It’s a simple survey that’ll only take a few mins, see the link on our Facebook page: HAIBIKE FACEBOOK PAGE

There’s also a rather mysterious blurry image of the model in question, which should give some clues as to what’s coming next from the Sduro range

Good Luck!



Sduro Commuting – BikeRadar – James Huang

BikeRadar.com sent James Huang over to Eurobike to see what 2016 has in store.

For the week James decided to forego the usual mayhem of buses, trains & ferries and try out an Sduro Trekking model, click below to see how he got on:


Video: FATSIX Bonus!

Need a bit more Haibike FATSIX in your life? Or maybe you’ve dreamed of driving a monster truck along your local trails! Here’s some extra footage of the Bosch powered beast itself during our recent visit to Snowdonia.

Video: Coed Y Brenin by Haibike

Ever wondered how an Xduro fairs in the wet? Wonder no more! We got together with the good people of EMTB coaching to put some Xduros through their paces in the Snowdonia National Park.

A FATSIX, Xduro ALLMTN RX and two NDURO PROs take to the trails (Rocks, streams etc!) of Coed Y Brenin, a bona fide classic trail centre.

Check out the EMTB Coaching website for details on their skills courses and upcoming events: http://emtbcoaching.co.uk/

Wideopen Mag E-bike Review Part 2

With the benefit of hindsight; Wideopen Mag follow up their recent Nduro RX Review with a chat to DH rider Oli Morris. In their words:

“You’ve seen our test-ride video, now it’s time for a proper, in depth chat about eBikes.

This week we asked “what do you think of ebikes in mountain biking” and then released a video where we sent a fast downhill rider out on one. A week later Jamie met up with Oli at Roll for the Soul in Bristol to have a proper chat about his experience of riding the Haibike nDuro eBike.

Remember – the bike we tested is a “pedal assisted” ebike. There’s no throttle. You pedal and and it boosts the effort you put in up to 16MPH. We’re not chatting about mopeds here!

We’re pretty new to interview vids so apologies if this one is a bit low-fi!”


Wideopen Mag Ebike test Part 2


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